Why New England WaterSports?



MasterCraft is focused on building the highest quality performance adventure boats, period.

NE WaterSports is focused on providing exceptional service for an exceptional customer.

We chose to offer the #1 Towboat in the world. MasterCraft.
The ProStar is the keeper of all 3 world records for skiing and the towboat of the US OPEN.
The XStar is the Pro Wakeboard Tour Towboat, Towboat of the X Games, Double up Del Noche and a slew of other events.
Quality of construction on a MasterCraft is 2nd to none.
Innovation by design.

We started New England WaterSports due to the lack of service and appropriate turn around times for this brand. We knew it could be done better!

Personalized Service

NEFWM continues to lead the way in satisfaction with a 100% Customer Service Index.
With our “on-the-road” service we can save you from losing time on the water.
If your boat is docked, we’ll come to you.
Ifwe can service it on the water… we will.

We understand the importance of having your boat, and your family out on the water as quickly as possible.

On the water deliveries and instruction

Whether you are a 1st time boater or an experienced wake shaper… a certified MasterCraft rep will spend a 1/2 day on the water with you to ensure you are comfortable with the operation of your new boat and accessories. We will also review everything you can do to get the most out of your new MasterCraft.

We live Water Sports

NE WaterSports is a Title Sponsor for the INT (International Novice Tour), we are also sponsors of AWSA Slalom events along with one of the nation’s oldest and strongest ski clubs, The Oxbow Ski Club.
NEFWM also holds clinics for wakeboarding, skiing and water safety.